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>> members of each other and their special day shared with the hurricane. earl wreaked havoc along the eastern seaboard beginning with the outer banks of north carolina overnight. it was close enough to bring driving wind and rain to the barrier islands. on long island, powerful ways and rip currents created dangerous conditions for area beaches. >> there is definitely a riptide out there. we are starting to see beach erosion. >> now that role has arrived in new england, the question is how much damage will he leave behind? >> where is the girl now? john collins is still tracking it. -- where is hurricane earl now? >> it is a tropical storm now and on the coast of nova scotia. almost all of the rain has let the united states. hurricane earl --
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>> has left the building. but good. >> we are in good shape here. in the wake of hurricane, the weather turned out to be gorgeous. here is the radar imagery. it is getting out of range of the u.s. radar. there is still some grain into the eastern half of maine. the eye of the storm is over nova scotia right now. it is moving to the northeast. sunny skies and a few showers in western new york state. that is about it. no clouds or rain down here, just pleasant conditions as temperatures rise into the 70's. the cows on your holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> role did not come too close to the maryland shore line. >> we got a little bit of rain and some wind. >> i thought it would be a lot
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worse. i really did. we came down here for vacation and we have come down here for hurricanes before. it did not seem like a big deal. >> it became a big tourist attraction on friday as everyone wanted to get a glimpse. the problem was many were wondering where he was hiding. >> it was not as bad as we thought it was going to be because that is nice. we still get to come out and see mother nature at her best. >> the only rain came in the midafternoon and the highest wind gusts were about 45 miles per hour. letting was limited to the inland areas and beach erosion was minor. >> this was less than we expected. >> music to the mayor's heirs who is expecting more of a punch. >> i do not know of any damage in town whatever.
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the surf was what and review the surf was rough and we will face some erosion. >> also breathing a sigh of relief -- a sigh of relief, the head of emergency relations. >> we are fortunate that it's baird the city. >> no injuries or deaths. in the and, a perfect storm in that it was not dangerous. >> it is fascinating to see something like this. >> what do you think of the waves? >> it is something else. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> hurricane earl for state beauty -- the to orszag c. -- a few detours out at sea. it will return to baltimore on sunday. you can get an up close look at
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tropical storm earl on we have put together a slide show of the best storm pictures. you can see the custom slide show and we will keep the stormtracker up to the hurricane season. >> no deaths reported following a powerful earthquake that struck new zealand. a state of emergency has been declared for about 35 miles of the 7.1 earthquake. they are dealing with cuts and bruises, but no deaths. >> in some ways, we have been extraordinarily lucky when it comes to the citizens here. in terms of the scale of the damage, i think it is immense. we are really just coming to terms with the scalable have in front of us at the moment. >> more than 14,000 earthquakes hit new zealand every year. only 150 are felt by residents.
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>> a fire has left a mother and father without a family. fire officials were called to the scene and had the fire under control within 25 minutes. >> if anyone has any information because it was incendiary in nature and intentionally set. >> the woman and child were displaced and being held this morning by the red cross. they are not injured. cracks in our commitment 2010 report, new financials report to the strength in financial -- shows the strength in financial reports. dan miller has more from the newsroom. >> new reports show bob ehrlich has out raised gov. martin
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o'malley by a margin of more than 21, $725,000 for ehrlich and about three and a thousand dollars for o'malley -- $300,000 for o'malley. he is still trying to unseat. and >> challenger greg bernstein continues to call in donors at a brisk clip. our reporting destiny by a clip of nearly 321. -- out reporting jessame three- to-one. most nations are less than $100. it is a comfortable cushion for a last-minute advertising push leading up to the election. by contrast, jessame has pulled
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in this amount. there is a $100,000 personal loan to help pay for her tv advertising just starting. a spokesperson for the o'malley campaign called the recent ad in fund-raising by ehrlich "no big deal." he noted o'malley maintains a big advantage and a margin of about three to one on -- in cash on hand. dan miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> officials say they one went well. -- day one went well. >> of these are two of thousands of new to the vantage of early voting. >> we are going on vacation. >> roughly 12,000 early voters
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on a day one was the kind of turnout state officials were hoping for. the counties with the top turnout were prince george, baltimore, and ann arundel. they predict 20% of the total electorate participate in these elections. if the numbers stay the same, we will reach the 20%. >> it surprises me a little bit. i think it shows that a good decision was made in giving voters this opportunity. >> the the opportunity to vote over six days instead of one day favor one party over another? >> it is tough to say. >> it shows so far. democratic early voting turnout is almost triple that of republicans.
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>> if you are a republican -- a voter and you feel passionately about the topics being voted on, i think you will vote. >> early voting continues. it will close for sunday and early voting will resume monday through thursday of next week. in the newsroom, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we are your sources for stories come information, and anything else you may need to be completely informed when you had to the polls. you will find a wealth of content online at under politics. >> still had to, we answer your pet questions. >> i am rob roblin. just bieber performing at the state fair. >> of the sun is already here.
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>> your 11 insta-weather forecast with your meteorologist, john collins. >> tropical storm girl is about over there was scotia. -- tropical storm earl is moving towards halifax. the storm has gotten over colder water and is now getting over land which will further weaken the storm. rain on the west side of the storm and it is getting out of the range of the u.s. radar. rate in the eastern half of maine. the cameraa look at outside right now. sunshine. it is a beautiful morning. the humidity. 43% with 72 degrees at the airport and 74 at the inner harbor. barometer is rising at 23.76. the barometer will rise in
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response to that. winds have picked up a little bit. winds are gusting at 24. we are in the peak of the hurricane season. statistically speaking, when you look at the entire hurricane season september 10th is the busiest day over the history of hurricane records. we are right in that range right now. things are kind of quiet in the western atlantic right now. we do have what is left of gaston, but it is very possible that what is left of that which is now a tropical wave of every charge into the caribbean over the next week and a half or so. we will have to wait to see how that plays out. you can see a hint of more tropical winds coming off the west african coast. we are primed to see more tropical storms and hurricane activity here this season. look at these temperatures right
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now. temperatures in the yellows are in the mid to upper 70's. in the green, that is around 70 or in the 60's. still in the '50s and the far western maryland. here is the tropical storm over nova scotia. this is pushing the humid, warm air really out of the picture and allowing cooler air to come in. no major storms out in the west to that sets up a trend for the next several days. mostly sunny, breezy, mile today. winds are picking out. aberdeen 10-20 miles per hour. but 77-82 for the high temperatures today. qazi with us on all weekend long. 85 today. northlands 15-30. they will not be quite as strong on sunday and monday with high temperatures around 84. the seas are still rough up from
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the passing of hurricane earl. future cash shows a busy stormtracker to the north of us and down in the more tropical air near the gulf coast, but there's a sweet spot here with high-pressure keeping the struck for the next seven days. look at this. 79 today, 78 sunday, 83 monday. all these holiday days but great. close to 90 and the more humid, but still very nice. >> the autism society has teamed up with a theater company to bring families affected by autism an opportunity to enjoy their favorite films. decals on that next. >> speaking of movies, this makes george clooney and accidental force in "the american." >> we enter your pet questions. you can e-mail them to us on our
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>> 1 harford county family is working hard to keep the memory of a boy alive. they still challenged everyone to find their inner super hero. jennifer franciotti has more. >> in the beginning, he was so strong. he was fine. he had the most positive attitude that you can ever have. >> which it thinks about how greatly her nephew bottled brain cancer. it was less september when we introduced you to this lowboy. harford county was preparing for super hero day in his honor. he called himself the dominate their. last november, domenic passed
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away after spending months in a,. they created this in his memory. a 5k and 10k will help raise money for research. >> the courses sampled. there are not hills. we have plenty of room, plenty of space. >> the run will start here. it will move to a nearby trailer. it is being held this weekend not to just kick off pediatric awareness month but because this month is his birthday. >> when you are at johns hopkins and the see these young children going through and battling cancer. and is something that is extremely hard for adults to see these little people. it is awful. dominic deserved more treatments. he deserved a better. he never gave up on anything.
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>> the start time is 8:00 a.m. on saturday. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. action local movie theater is teaming up with the autism society to show family friendly films. glad to have the. telos about this. >> this is a partnership between the autism society and amc movie theaters for families can go with their children to enjoy a current movie. it is wonderful. >> how difficult has that been in the past? >> extremely. >> the children have special needs as far as the noise and they really go out of their way of to keep the lights up and the nose down. there are no trailers. it is lovely to be able to sit down with your whole family, all of your children, your husband, your wife is great.
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>> you take those elements and you fix those elements, and the lighting and the noise level helps you to enjoy it? >> absolutely. you are in an environment where no one will look at you or say anything about it. they are happy and enjoying it. there are developing children having a wonderful time. >> that has to be good for the siblings in the family as well. >> absolutely. my younger son and i, that is our thing to do together. we go on a day to the movies. >> when are the movies? where are they showing backs >> it is the first saturday of the month. today is "nanny mcphee returns" showing at white marsh and columbia. they are across the country. you can go to the national autism website and find a
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theater where they do that for you. hopefully it will expand. >> it is good to see there are more and more activities and parents finding things that many of us take for granted, just to find a movie theater willing to help accommodate you. a you find another opportunity like this? >> every day. the community is really reaching back to our children. it is wonderful for all of us. >> thank you so much for coming in and sharing that. >> do not go away. we into your pet questions when we come back.
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>> live, wbal-tv 11 news continues. >> welcome back. joining has now to answer your pet questions, dr. kim. >> i have gabby. this is a miniature schnauzer. she is a tiny little thing. >> she has a nice this position. >> of it will double in size but it will still be a teeny. >> we get some of these big dogs in here and they cannot handle what is going on. >> we will have another big dog contest.
9:26 am
>> have wanted to thank the robinson family. there are great friends which is based in baltimore. they have been very generous in their support. >> one method last time you were there? >> in june. our guys are there right now. we are moving guerrillas from rwanda into the condo. -- the gorillas from rwanda into the congo. >> by standard who will love to chase them. i am told there defense mechanism causes him to drop. is this a toxic chemical because his mouth phones up? >> in certain areas of the
9:27 am
country, you should be worried. a can kill some of the dogs. it causes them to seizure. he had a big rainstorm and these toads show up. they can turn them up, seizure, and die. it is not the same in maryland but it is innoxious stimulant. that all salivate to get rid of the irritation. for the most part, these are not toxic. having said that, there are different codes. they just talked about discovering some new turtles that are various species in columbia. without seeing the specific total, i do not let my dog mess with them. just in case, you know? cracks at some point, you would think the dog would learn. >> never. >> my labrador has been getting
9:28 am
multiple spellings and now his skin is discovered. he was put on antihistamine and still gets the stores. it put a topical on it, he will like it. any other treatment options? >> eu need to figure out what is going on. it is probably somewhere where the dog sits down or goes to the bathroom. he went to check the area. maybe there is some tall grass or perhaps we're your dog sleeps at night. perhaps the betting is a problem. there are things that you can do orally. at the top of calls are being let off, you can take a mechanism orally which should work. -- if the topical is being licked off, you can take something orally. >> recently my cat has started
9:29 am
losing weight and the hair allowed -- the hair around her tail is getting thin. i'm concerned she may have lyme disease. >> that is a real long shot in the cat. there are a plethora of other diseases out there, thyroid disease, lots of diseases. a simple visit to the vet and a blood test can eliminate that. if it could also be analogy. >> thank you for joining us. thank you, gabby. we will have more coming up in just a minute.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning in hd. >> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. we have a look outside. i hear it is beautiful. >> we put up with the suspense all week long ago that has all passed us now. usually after a hurricane, we have great weather. we are right in the middle of that now and it will stay this way. great timing for labor day weekend. for open the windows. take a look at the radar. to put the nail in the lead of the coffin here, earl is out of
9:32 am
our way. there are a few showers in new york city and a few showers coming off of the great lakes with westerly winds. with earl moving off to the northeast and sunshine moving in, we are in good shape. >> fans will be happy to hear justin bieber is heading to maryland. he had to cancel a few concerts last weekend. >> he will perform tomorrow at the state fair which means bieber fever is here. rob roblin has more. >> how popular is he? tickets sold out in 18 minutes. ♪ your breathis
9:33 am
>> 16-year-old justin bieber was discovered at age 14 on youtube. his debut single chartered in the top 30 in the over 10 countries. he will perform at the state fair sunday night. at the fair today, there is already excitement. just mentioned his name and his band will tell you. >> i like his songs. >> he's a really good singer. >> he's really cute. he doesn't dissappoint. >> at this 8-year-old girl performed one of his songs for us today. ♪ >> when we try to talk with her, --
9:34 am
>> she knows all of these songs. go ahead. ♪ >> here is the big winner, a 11- year-old jacqueline who thinks to wbal-tv when tickets to the concert and will meet just then. >> you were going to meet him? >> yes. >> what will you say? >> i do not know. hello and i like your music? >> the concert is sunday m evening at the state fair grounds. >> share your state for photos. log on to ulocal and we could show them on the local news. >> still ahead, grilling a
9:35 am
gourmet meal that surpasses the normal burgers. we will show you how. >> + at the movies, drew barrymore tries to "go the distance." >> a sunny weather story ahead. your insta-weather + my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds am . [ woman ] to help avoidentalroblems, act daily.
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>> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with john collins. >> lots of sunshine with no rain nearby. the closest rain is up in maine and canada. here is a look at the hd doppler radar. sunshine as far south as our area. tropical storm earl moving up
9:38 am
into canada. it is moving out of the picture. let's take a look at the large picture here. some rain in the gulf coast region where the air is more tropical. a few showers in montana. that is it. very quiet weather except for the northeastern corner of the u.s. let's look at the sunshine. a beautiful morning. 72 but the airport and 74 at the inner harbor. the humidity is way down at 43% which will make this nice. perfect weather for the labor day weekend. i almost did not want to see summer going away. the barometer is low but rising that earl's leaving. finally we can get the barometer of there. west winds are picking up 12-24 miles per hour. today would be the 12th in a row that we have not had significant rain. yesterday we had a trace of right which was an outer band
9:39 am
of earl along the western shore of the day. if has been 12 days without any significant rain. we have a deficit for the month of about 0.3 inch. things are getting a little dry. we do not have any right in the forecast for the next week. when we get temperatures back in the 80 boxes for next week, we will be wanting some rain. generally agree see the yellow are in the mid 70's. still in the 50's, the blue color, is that in western maryland. here is earl and the cool front. it is pushing all of the humid air out of the picture. what we have left is this area of high pressure which is all the way to the west coast. clear sailing for a while. mostly sunny skiles -- skies and
9:40 am
mild. some of the wind gusts may be stronger from time to time. 77-82 is the high temperature range. sunset will be at 7:23 p.m. small craft advisories are out with a two foot top expected. and the ocean city, the rip currents risk is high. the ocean is still turned up from the passage of hurricane earl. high of 85 at ocean city with lots of sun. is sunshine will not diminish. high temperatures at the beach around 80 degrees. the insta-weather futurecast, stormy to the north and south of us, but we are in this sweet spot of high-pressure giving the mid-atlantic perfect weather for the coming week. we will probably want some rain eventually. looks like a rain-free week in the forecast. low 80's on monday and in the 80's for the rest of the week.
9:41 am
>> talking to your daughter about her first. can be a little awkward. it is really important. it is an important conversation you need to have growing up. getting her ready is this morning's "woman's dr.." >> they have a close relationship. she started talking to destiny early about her menstrual cycle. >> i thought that it was very important for destiny to really be educated about her body in general. >> mercy medical center doctors agree that early is better, especially since many girls get there. before the early age of 12. -- get their period before the age of 12.
9:42 am
when puberty comes, it is a time the administration will not be that far away. >most girls the start their period about two years after they start getting hair. >> we are getting them to know it is a part of life. it is nothing to be feared. >> destiny started hers when she was 12. the conversation started long ago. >> she was excited. she was waiting for it. we had an opportunity to go to the store and talk about her menstrual cycle. we went to the library to look up what that meant. she was really into it. >> at first, i thought it was really uncomfortable. >> donna hamilton, wbal-tv 11 news.
9:43 am
>> well said. joining us now with more information is dr. charles. we hear so many stories and medical reports about puberty happening earlier. does that mean we should be having the conversation before age 10? at one point is it too early? >> the general issue is how to help kids mature. there are two parts come a physical part with their first period. you can probably start early elementary school, seven or eight years old. they will look around and see but the older girls are like. that is in elementary school now. >> you are right. >> in fifth grade, many of the girls are clearly maturing. it is important they appreciate that is normal. the other piece is adolescence. it is much more behavioral.
9:44 am
the question becomes, how do you know your child is pre- adolescent? that is easy. they are in your face. >> your home gets very loud. for a second about broaching the conversation with a girl of only seven or eight. how do you begin that conversation? >> there needs to be an openness about your body. you can do that in the lots of different ways. let that be on trade -- the entre. you can talk about hygiene. these are changes that require a change in hygiene technique. the need to approach that part of your body directly. if you have already been discussing how to take care of your body before that, it is not easy shift to say, "as your body changes, you need to understand what is happening and what you need to do to keep it from being a problem."
9:45 am
>> does pms start that yawn? does it come hand in hand with the early onslaught of a girl's period? >> this is not a switch that gets a flick on or off. is this the process over years. you will not have a full-blown pms with the fall. -- with the full period as the cycle of mature and the hormones mature, then yes you will be getting the results of that. >> and we know what the result is of that. >> unfortunately, yes. >> doctor, thank you for joining us. if you have any questions or would like a referral you can call1-800-md-mercy. long distance for drew barrymore. we have the reviews for your movies. first come and look at last that's winning lottery numbers.
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by >> welcome back. it's time to take a look at what is new in the ridges. -- in theaters. let's get right to it. >> "the american" is like a jason bourne film in slow motion. george clooney plays an assassin
9:49 am
and custom gun maker. this is his one last job. >> is always the one last job. >> he is in italy. he is in very remote places. there is sweden. there is a charming village in italy where he is building this custom gun. george is planning a quiet, disciplined kind of loan gunslinger. it is not the usual george clooney charm we are used to seeing. i just was not that interested in his character. i know that some people, men in particular, will be fascinated by this very disciplined type. i did not really care about him. the film was very slow moving. get out your concessions and
9:50 am
about their needs over in the first half of an hour. it is quite slow. it picks up eventually. 2 stars. if you like the long gunslinger thing, maybe. "going the distance" has drew barrymore and her real-life on- again off-again sweetie, justin long. they definitely have chemistry. this is a near miss. it could have been better. they need -- meet. they are both living in new york. feelings develop. she has to move to san francisco for her job. suddenly it is like, "should we do the long-distance romance"? what does not work about the spell is trying to please everybody in the audience.
9:51 am
it is a chick flick but trying to appeal to guys with a lot of raunchy, vulgar humor. it feels like there are two movies going on at once. i would like the chick flick better but i would appreciate what they were trying to do. i will recommend this one with 2.5 stars. i did not love it, but i liked it. >> coming up, another look at your holiday weekend forecast was to go into the kitchen.
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> a great weekend be out and back and a grilling. by a chef from bj's.
9:54 am
what ever going to do that is fine and original? >> we are trying to do a romaine salad on a grill. >> really? >> we oil down the lettuce. you take a brush with the oil and you brush the oil on there. >> olive oil? >> it just all of oil. want to do that, you take it over here to the grill. you put it up on the grill. >> auletta is right on the grill? >> exactly. it gives it a bold bid of the charred flavor. do that for just a few minutes. >> and then you plate it up with regular fixings? >> yes. you root for a few minutes. nothing major. >> tell me about the pizza.
9:55 am
>> this is pizza dough. you put on the fixings, green pepper, onions, pepperoni. then you spread the cheese over the top. once that is done, you put the lid down and let it bake. it gives it a brick over flavor. >> how long will it take? >> 3 minutes. >> how did you come up with grilling salad? did you drop the lettuce on the grill by mistake? >> it is just a different taste. everyone is grilling with the holidays coming on. everyone is experimented with how to add a different flavor to the food. >> come on in to enjoy the last weekend of summer. will you be out this weekend?
9:56 am
>> yes. you can pick up all of these items up that -- up at bj's wholsale grill. >> we expect sunny skies all day today. everywhere should be in the upper 70's around 80. much of the same tomorrow. we will warmup near 90 by wednesday or so. ocean city, a similar forecast, a lot of sun and 85. strong recurrence. dangerous out on the ocean today. >> terrific. we hope everyone enjoys the last big weekend of summer. thank you for being with us today. grilling lettuce. enjoy the weekend, everybody. thank you for watching. watch tonight at 6:00 p.m.
9:57 am
>> follow breaking news and weather any time at and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter. >> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial. >> with the flip of the calendar into september, we have entered one of the busiest times of year. school buses, minivans, and suvs filled with students are once again on the road. in a new class of first-time drivers are ready to claim a spot in the eyes school parking lot. your daily commute just became
9:58 am
more crowded and dangerous. cars and students are feeling the crosswalks. text thing is a big distraction. beginning in october, maryland will require handsfree devices for cell phones while driving. you do not have to wait until october to commit to safer driving. log on to right now and make the pledge. do not drive distracted. we are encouraging all drivers to put down their phones and pay attention to the road. no phone call or message is as important as in life. the life you save could be your own.
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